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World famous  Playfield Polishing Kit & Restoration Decals

TreasureCove Shinemaster Products

The ultimate in playfield shine and gloss. From our Combo Kit to our Waxmaster, these easy-to-use products will make your game's playfield look new! 

It took us over 3 months to develop these formulas for use on pinball playfields, which are only sold by TreasureCove!

Pinball Machines: Sales, Service, Restorations.

We purchase good quality, used pinball machines, then restore them to pristine condition for you to enjoy in your home for many years! We've been in business for over 15 years and are well-known for the quality of our work, and attention to detail.  Also, if you have a game that's needs some TLC, you can send it to us, and we can work our magic on your game as well. From Minty Fresh, up to a Supreme Restoration.

Playfield Restoration, as well as Older Arcade Machines & Jukeboxes.

We also can restore & clearcoat your pinball playfield as well. Jukeboxes, and even SS, EM and Woodrail games are no problem for TreasureCove! Call us today for a quotation! We'll get that Jukebox rockin' like it's supposed to.

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Playfield Shinemaster Kit

TreasureCove is known the world over for our Shinemaster Kit - a total cleaning and polishing system for you to use on your playfields. We even formulated our own Power Cut compounds to do the job right, with the least work, while providing the highest possible shine. How-To DVD included!


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Restoration Decals

These decals will fixup/repair your game so that it looks it's best!

All Decals are printed on a large format Roland Vinyl Printer, then Contour-Cut for durability and ease of application.

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The Ultimate Playfield Cleaning & Polishing Kit!

Playfield Polishing  

Shine Master Combo Kit ... only $69.99
Our most popular kit!!!

The TreasureCove Cleaning and Polishing system for Pinball Machines!
Comes with a 2" polishing kit with drill chuck, 3" polishing kit with drill chuck, 3 4oz bottles of Powercut compounds, and 2 microfiber polishing cloths. (note picture is for representation only, current product may be different) 

INCLUDES A 30 MIN DVD Instructional Video!

Shinemaster Kit
(w/ 4 inch pads)



Shinemaster 2, 3, 4 Kit



Shinemaster Combo Kit
Standard 4in Polishing Kit


WaxMaster Kit
(w/ applicator & cloth)



Wax Only


Powercut #3
PC3 only , 8oz bottle

Powercut #3
8 oz bottle

Powercut #2
PC2 only , 8oz bottle

Powercut #2
8 oz bottle

Powercut #1
PC1 only , 8oz bottle

Powercut #1
8 oz bottle

Arbor 4"

Wool Pad, 4 inch

Black Pad, 4 in

Yellow Pad, 4 in

2 in Pad Kit
2in pad kit

3 in pad kit
3in pad kit

Here's what some of our customers say about the Shinemaster Kit:

" just got done cleaning my new Tomcat F-14 which was
never cleaned in the 15 years the original owner had it . Did the TC
cleaning in about 30 min.and  wow , I could have never done that with
Novis.This is my 2nd job with this kit , 1st was my TOM and it shines
like a mirror . Can't wait to do my CV just bought all new plastics
and backglass for it should come out nice . Thanks to Skooter for
selling me the CV and telling me about this product. Brad"

"TC's kit does a great job!  Still use mine and works as it did when I
bought it 2 yrs ago." Tiger

"Told you this kit rocks!" Scott

"I have used the TreasureCove kit.
It is astonishingly quick, and yields a shine like a fresh clearcoat
with a power drill. No swirl marks. Nothing. Just a glazed surface. I
have achieved similar results with a rotary polisher and a machine
glaze, but that requires a full playfield strip down.
I cannot speak for the other kits out there. But I am picky, and can't
see anything being better or quicker than the TC kit. I see clear
evidence that Allen has done his research - which I appreciate. " Martin


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