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Pinball Machines: Sales, Service, Restorations.

We purchase good quality, used pinball machines, then restore them to pristine condition for you to enjoy in your home for many years! We've been in business for over 15 years and are well-known for the quality of our work, and attention to detail.  Also, if you have a game that's needs some TLC, you can send it to us, and we can work our magic on your game as well. From Minty Fresh, up to a Supreme Restoration.

Playfield Restoration, as well as Older Arcade Machines & Jukeboxes.

We also can restore & clearcoat your pinball playfield as well. Jukeboxes, and even SS, EM and Woodrail games are no problem for TreasureCove! Call us today for a quotation! We'll get that Jukebox rockin' like it's supposed to.

Ray- (502) 291-1699 or EMAIL

Playfield Shinemaster Kit

TreasureCove is known the world over for our Shinemaster Kit - a total cleaning and polishing system for you to use on your playfields. We even formulated our own Power Cut compounds to do the job right, with the least work, while providing the highest possible shine. How-To DVD included!


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Restoration Decals

These decals will fixup/repair your game so that it looks it's best!

All Decals are printed on a large format Roland Vinyl Printer, then Contour-Cut for durability and ease of application.

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About TreasureCove

TreasureCove, is a home-based business located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just 5 minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky. The TreasureCove team is made up of Ray, and Allen's sons Kevin and Brian. Together, we do all the pinball restorations in our shop.

We take our time restoring each pinball machine and our main criteria is that we restore each game as if we were going to keep it ourselves! Ray and Allen got "hooked on pinball" back in 1977 when they restored a Bally Beach Club Bingo machine. Needless to say, we've been restoring games and enjoying this hobby and business ever since.


Team Bio:

personel bio picAllen Shope: Our founder had been involved in the Electronics Industry since 1971 when he got out of the Marines. In 1984 he opened his own Personal Computer Store in Arizona. He always enjoyed handling the advertising, marketing and sales of the machines, and because of that, became proficient using CorelDraw and PhotoPaint. He also restored Bingo machines as a hobby and his first flipper game he and his brother, Ray, restored was a "Nipit".  For them to start doing restorations full time was a "natural" - and the Shope family worked very well together. Unfortunately Allen passed away on December 7th 2016. He is greatly missed by all who knew him.

personel bio picRay Shope: Ray is undoubtedly the "American Picker" of Pinball Machines.
He can also, out-repair, out-restore, anyone when it comes to pre 1990's Pinball Machines, Jukeboxes, Arcade and Coin-op machines! If you want to see the quality of Ray's work, goto the Photo Gallery page and look at the photos of the Hawaiian Beauty Pinball Machine. No one does it better!

personel bio picKevin Shope: Kevin managed all the purchasing chores, accounting and technical service back at our computer stores in Arizona and has an extraordinary business sense. He also has an uncanny knack for finding "a better way" to accomplish just about any task!

personel bio picBrian Shope: Brian managed our internet service, back in Arizona, and, as such, is knowledgeable in "all things internet". For everything from Website management, to C++ programming to Adobe Illustrator - Brian is the man! Not only does Brian enjoy restoring the machines, .... but he also seems to "just love" playing them as well!



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