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Pinball Machines: Sales, Service, Restorations.

We purchase good quality, used pinball machines, then restore them to pristine condition for you to enjoy in your home for many years! We've been in business for over 15 years and are well-known for the quality of our work, and attention to detail.  Also, if you have a game that's needs some TLC, you can send it to us, and we can work our magic on your game as well. From Minty Fresh, up to a Supreme Restoration.

Playfield Restoration, as well as Older Arcade Machines & Jukeboxes.

We also can restore & clearcoat your pinball playfield as well. Jukeboxes, and even SS, EM and Woodrail games are no problem for TreasureCove! Call us today for a quotation! We'll get that Jukebox rockin' like it's supposed to.

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Playfield Shinemaster Kit

TreasureCove is known the world over for our Shinemaster Kit - a total cleaning and polishing system for you to use on your playfields. We even formulated our own Power Cut compounds to do the job right, with the least work, while providing the highest possible shine. How-To DVD included!


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Restoration Decals

These decals will fixup/repair your game so that it looks it's best!

All Decals are printed on a large format Roland Vinyl Printer, then Contour-Cut for durability and ease of application.

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Coin Door Restoration

Coin doors are expensive to replace, so whenever possible, we always
try to restore the coin door first, instead of replacing it.

Here's a coin door in dire need of help! The Orange coin plastics need replacing on this one as well, .. but it will do just fine to show you the technique we use.

Spray lotz of Bleche Wite on, ..scrub, and rinse. Let dry.

Here's the three spray paints that we will be using, all from ACE. Wrought Iron Flat Black enamel, Gloss Black Lacquer, .. and Clear Gloss Lacquer. You also can use Semi-flat black instead of the flat black.

Use a 5 gallon painter's can from Home Depot, ... to rest the coin door on, .. then put some clear packaging tape across the orange plastics. Cut out around the plastics with a razor knife and remove the tape that's on the black.

Prop the coin door on the 5 gallon can like above (so you can also spray the edges)

Spray a heavy coat of Flat Black Enamel on the coin door, and let dry for just a few minutes.

The next step involves getting the technique 'down pat' for applying the gloss black lacquer paint spatters. Practice on a white piece of paper first until you are doing it correctly. Hold the paint can about 18-24 inches from the surface,  then "every so lightly" ... barely press own on the nozzle until the paint starts "spattering" out. Move the can slowly around to get the desired effect. If you press too hard, the paint will start to "spray out" as normal, ... let up, ... and slowly press again until the paint starts to spatter. Practice until you have the technique mastered!

Now you're ready for the "big time"!  Hold the spray can of Gloss Black lacquer 18 - 24" away from the coin door, ... and put a nice "spattering" of gloss black lacquer over the entire coin door.

Here you can see how the coin door starts to look as you're spatter painting.

Next lightly "mist" the coin door with the Clear gloss lacquer, .. again, don't put a heavy coat on, .. but rather just lightly mist the surface.  Once this is done, I go back over the coin door one more time with the black spatter .

This coin door will still need another mist cost of clear to bring up the gloss.
From start to finish the job only takes 15 minutes! hmmm, ... on this one, I might go over once more
with a clear mist, then spatter one last time, .. to get the effect more close to original!
Just remember, practice makes perfect!

Here's a coin door I restored last week using the same technique!

Below is a video of fellow restorer Bryan Kelly showing this technique
in even more detail!

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